Wonder Woman Tech Spec

20120301-P1010389STAGE SHOW

* Show length: 5 minutes and 30 seconds

* Music: Sound system to play music on CD or iPod. As soon as Ms Merlin is introduced by compere, PLAY music. Ms Merlin enters stage with music playing. Let music play until end and then press ‘Stop’.

* Stage size: 4m x 5m or larger. The show can be tailored to fit smaller stages with prior notice. Minimum of 3m head clearance.

* Stage requirements: Clear Stage

* Set up:  Hoops will need to be pre-set on stage. This is easily explained just before the show to the stage manager

* Take Down: The stage will be left with hoops and costume pieces strewn. They will need to be cleared. Specifically hat, coat, skirt, pair of shoes, shirt, hula hoops.

* Lighting Requirements: A good amount of light is required. Follow spot if available.  Lighting from sides and above is preferable.  Lights on a horizontal plane can dazzle performer and cause props to be dropped. No dark colours please – light pink, off white, warm shades.

* Back Stage needs: A clean, dry changing room/place to get ready is required

* Other needs: water for drinking.

NB: Ms Merlin will need to arrange a helper for the duration of the show as she needs props to be thrown to her on stage. So one helper will be present.


548245_10150923596913004_549600563_nSTREET SHOW

* Show length: 20 minutes, including crowd-gathering

* Music: Ms Merlin supplies her own sound system, 50W PA and Sampson Airline77 radio microphone

* Performance Space size: 5m x 5m or larger

*Pre-show needs: A clean, dry changing room/place to get ready required

*Other needs: water for drinking