Ms Merlin`s new Disco show is here. Zip up your platforms and get ready to boogie on down. Five minutes of this Glow Hula stage show amazement is so funky , you wont be able to sit still. You will want to join in.


NEW FOR 2019

With the new programmable LED glow hoops Ms Merlin can provide a number of extra thrills in her hula hoop shows.

Roving and Walkabout

Glow hoops add a touch of magic to any event as a roving visual delight. Especially those early dark nights we get during the Winter in the UK. With these hoops, you can brighten up literally anywhere.

Ambient & Free Form Stage Hooping

This is great for dance parties and events where you have a passing crowd. Ms Merlin brings a great ambience to your event, it really creates atmosphere. Whether your guests notice it or not they will feel like they are at the place to be.

Stage Show

Ms Merlin has an ICONIC disco themed Glow Hula Stage Show.Β  5.5 minutes tightly choreographed highly skilled Hula Hooping!! With a stack of 50 Silver Hoops Finale !!!!