Fire Shows Tech Spec




SAFETY: With each and every fire performance a risk assessment will be completed and provide all safety measures considered and applied with appropriate stringency.

Method statements, risk assessments and Public liability documents will be supplied for each public performance. Ms Merlin has £5,000,000 public liability insurace and is a safe and highly professional fire performer.


5293_126374618003_4754325_nINDOOR FIRE SHOWS

* Shows: Ms Merlin can perform indoors on stage with 3 different shows

  • A 10-minute show with fire-fans, swinging clubs and fire hula-hoop
  • A 4-minute solo act with fire-fans
  • A 3.5-minute solo act with fire hula-hoops

* Stage requirements: A carpeted stage/performance space is needed – carpet can be provided. Stage/performance space must be 5m wide and 4m deep with 4m head clearance minimum.

*Run-through: A technical run-through with lights, sound and fire is required.

*Back-stage requirements: A back-stage area for dipping is required away from walkways.


5293_126374638003_8035246_nOUTDOOR FIRE SHOWS

* Shows: Ms Merlin can provide 2 different outdoor fire shows

  • A 15-minute show with fire-fans, fire poi, swinging clubs, fire hula-hoops and double fire-staffs
  • A 30-minute meet and greet fire set (not a show, more an ambient, background experience)

*Music: Ms Merlin can provide a small 50W sound system for small audiences (up to 50), for larger audiences the client will have to provide a sound system.

*Stage/performance space: Clear space with an additional place for dipping and preparation of tools

*Surface: most surfaces are workable – concrete, tarmac, sand, grass etc

*Stewards: number needed for crowd control depending on size of audience

*Weather: needs to be good!