Clown Hula Tech Spec

crouchingmerlin* Show length: 5 minutes and 30 seconds

* Music: 1 soundtrack provided on CD

* Stage size: 5m x 5m is ideal. With a minimum of 3m head clearance (smaller stages can be worked with, but head clearance is still needed)

* Stage requirements: Clear Stage * Set up:  Hoops will need to be pre-set on stage. This is easily explained just before the show to the stage manager

* Take Down: The stage will be left with Hoops strewn. They will need to be cleared

* Lighting Requirements: A good amount of light is required – Par-cans with yellow, pink, orange shades. Follow Spot if available. Lighting from sides and above is preferable.  Lights on a horizontal plane can dazzle performer and cause props to be dropped

* Back Stage needs: A clean, dry changing room/place to get ready is required

* Other needs: water for drinking.