Cake Ladies Tech Spec

Cake party (137 of 153)Technical requirements depend on what is required of the performers and the environment in which they are to perform.

*Space required: For walkabout performance they require a minimum of ten foot in height with a width of 5ft.

*Playing time: 3 x 45 minutes

 *Set up time: 90 minutes is required for make-up and costuming.

 *Artist requirements: Preferably parking near the changing area is required. At worst a nearby drop off site for kit and secure parking.

 The performers will need a secure area in which to change, a mirror and table and chairs . Preferably on the same floor as the performance, not necessary but very helpful.

 Ideally stilts need to be put on, on the floor of which they are performing. Stairs can not be used while on stilts and in costume. Lifts have been used at a squeeze.

 *Ground surface: Most ground surfaces are workable.

Cobbles, tiles, carpet, wooden floors, paving stones, tarmac, gravel, door steps, disabled access slopes are all fine.

Wet grass is fine unless it’s soft and prone to making mud (which leads to hazards).

Water, oil, sand, fine dust, food, ice, electric cables, rugs  can all cause slippage on hard surfaces, which needs to be avoided.

A risk assessment can be provided on request.

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